At MGL we do not only offer painting preservation service, but a vast variety of services that are related to the painting sector. Please see below for a full comprehensive list of how we can help. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information about a service that you may require.

  • Mobile Dustless Blasting Unit
  • Full project/object painting and re-preservation services
  • Project management services
  • Spray shop services
  • Blasting shop services
  • Surveying services (video/images report format)
  • Track blasting services
  • Vacuum Blasting services (mobile unit available)
  • Spray painting services
  • Decorative Painting services
  • Paint supplying (top manufacturers), painting equipment and delivery services
  • Water tight testing services
  • Water tight door/Vent rubber/Scupper replacement services
  • Professional Hand sign written services
  • Steel repair service (welding or filler)
  • GPR repair services
  • GPR pipe wrapping/strengthening services
  • Cars,Bikes,Gates, Fire place etc refurbishments
  • Carpentry services
  • Industrial and marine cleaning services
  • Chemical cleaning services
  • Jet washing services
  • UHP blasting services
  • On site blasting services
  • On site spraying services
  • Dry docking refits
  • Fencing Installtion services
  • Garden Decking Installation services
  • Land Scaping Services
  • Land clearing services
  • Ground Working services
  • Minor Construction Works
  • MEWP IPAF qualified Drivers 1a/+,1b/+,3a/+,3b/+ license held operators ready for hire
  • Graffiti removal
  • Classic car corrosion removal
  • Building cleaning/brick cleaning (non solvent based)
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Above is an image from HMS Tyne, the task was to re-instate the hand sign written emergency escape sign during a complete cargo deck refit. Due to the overhual, existing safety markings had to be removed. MGL trained operative is highly skilled in sign writing, should you require sign writing by hand, then we are waiting to take your queries. Proffesional sign writing for any purpose.

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