Quality Policy and Service Mission Statement

Quality Policy Statement


MGL Contract Service is committed to an operating philosophy based on openness in communication, integrity in serving our customers, fairness and concern for our employees and responsibility to the communities within which we operate. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating a profitable business culture that is based on the following principles:

Our People

MGL Contract Service is committed to equality in employment opportunity and rewards, embracing wholeheartedly the cultural diversity within the communities we call home.

Our employees’ welfare and interests are foremost throughout all aspects of our business and how we conduct our affairs. MGL Contract Service is committed to:

  1. Creating and nurturing an environment of success based on honesty and integrity;
  2. Equitable sharing in the success of the company;
  3. Empowerment through training and communication;
  4. Individual growth and equal opportunity;
  5. Designing and providing a safe and secure work environment.

Our Customers

Our vision is to exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery and value. Customer needs are paramount and represent the highest priority within our business sector. Our obligation is to proactively seek out and define customer needs while addressing all requests expeditiously without creating false expectations.

Our Community

MGL Contract Service is committed to supporting the communities within which we operate. We believe in the practice of social responsibility and encourage similar behavior in our employees and suppliers.

We support the conservation of the physical environment and the prevention of pollution at our facilities. We proactively comply with all applicable safety, environmental, legal and regulatory requirements to which we subscribe.

Our Quality

Beginning with a clear definition of customers’ expectations, we strive to consistently meet or exceed them. We adhere to all applicable standards and customer specific requirements and endeavour to provide processes that ensure we achieve this in order to build a robust and world class business.

MGL Contract Service is committed to achieving competitive excellence and providing our customers with products and services designed, produced and maintained to meet or exceed their expectations by:

  1. Complying with all customer, statutory and regulatory requirements;
  2. Enabling employees to achieve business and professional goals;
  3. Continually improving our processes via our QMS;
  4. Extending our QMS practices throughout our Supply Chain.


Mission Statement

To set the standard for the surface preparation and coating application in the industry by providing our clients quality products, professional service, and unsurpassed industry knowledge, with the very highest degree of integrity.

  • INTEGRITY - We believe in building a relationship with our clients. Unlike many painters and contractors who are only interested in the “one time” philosophy. MGL contract services is relying on your experience with us to build a lasting relationship.
  • HONESTY - Our clients trust their projects and businesses with us. All operatives are BPSS certified for your project.
  • DEPENDABILITY - We start the job as scheduled, and then man the project with skilled employees, not subcontractors so that the work can be finished in a timely manner.
  • QUALITY CONTROL - We start by offering free consulting to assess your needs, and to offer educated suggestions if needed in such areas as decoration, logistics, industry standards and value engineering. We will then send a comprehensive proposal accompanied by a detailed description of the work requested.
  • SURFACE PREPARATION - This is the key to quality painting, and we take pride in ensuring a substrate is properly prepared prior to any painting.
  • CRAFTMANSHIP - With over 65 years of hands-on experience and the knowledge of painted surfaces coupled with the willingness to pay close attention to detail ensures client expectations are met. Also that the manufacturers standards are met for coating applications.
  • CLEANLINESS - We will guarantee that each job site is kept clean and orderly on a daily basis.
  • SAFETY - With a comprehensive company safety program and employees that are properly trained you can be assured your job is being completed in a safe manner.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – Every Project will have an environmental impact, we pledge to acknowledge our footprint for every project, and to the best of our ability and accessibility we will reduce our footprint of products used, to travel used to reach the project.
  • Future Technologies and Operative Training – We pledge to strive and offer the latest preparation services with ICATS trained personnel to complete these projects.
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